One truth that we cannot deny about God and His relationship with Israel is that He had a plan for His people and never wavered from fulfilling it. He chose the Jews as His own and determined to send Messiah through that lineage. Even in their darkest days, Yahweh stayed the course. Our sin is detrimental to our own lives, but God's plan is going to be fulfilled whether we walk in obedience or rebellion. Our consequences will be devastating personally and in our families, but His plan will continue on. You might think you are irreplaceable, but God has made it clear that He can and will use anyone to accomplish His will. He will use the educated and uneducated. He will use the wealthy and the poor. He will use the gifted and the ungifted, because He can! Our pride is normally our greatest enemy, because it causes us to believe that we are needed for God's kingdom to advance on this earth. We must understand that we are wanted in God's kingdom work, but we are not necessarily needed. For some, this might be a reason to quit, because you no longer feel special or important. Those are emotions that lie to us -- God's Word is clear that He loved the world so completely that He gave His Son for us. That means you are incredibly special and important to the Almighty. He loves you like no one else and has proven that love by sacrificing His Son for your sin. His plan, however, is not fully dependent upon you. When Moses, who seemed irreplaceable, messed up, God put Joshua in his place and used him to conquer the Promised Land. This should not discourage us but challenge us to stay the course and not give into the temptation that tries to destroy the ministry and family God has given us. God wants to use you to continue His incredible plan! You are important to Him!

Help me, Lord, to live day-to-day in the center of Your plan for my life and for Your kingdom. Help me to stay the course no matter how great the temptation might get so that I can be used in Your kingdom work each day of my life.