How stubborn are you? Are you good at digging your heels into the sand even when you know you might be wrong? That stubborn attitude is God's topic of discussion in this chapter. He has told His people the same truths consistently throughout Jewish history, and they have not heard His Word. They have created their own belief system where nothing ever changes, because God is their protector even when they are unfaithful to Him. He has told them again and again that He would punish their sin in a moment when they least expect it. He is faithful and just; therefore, He cannot allow sin to run rampant among His people. He loves them (and us) too much to allow that to happen, and He knows already the consequences of the sin that His people get involved in. Those with religious titles seemed to think they were exempt from God's discipline, but they soon learned that they completely missed what God was saying because of their stubborn hearts. We, too, are guilty many times of only hearing what we want to hear; that which supports our ideas or plans and not God's. We might even read His Word or attend a worship service and say that we "got nothing from it." Even that is tied to our stubborn hearts, because God promises us that His Word will never return void. In other words, His message will be clearly proclaimed, but our ears are too full of our own thoughts that we have no room for His. Churches do the same! We get so consumed with growth and the perfect worship service that we stop listening to God's voice and following His plan. We are always looking for the next best thing instead of listening to God's still, small voice. Will you allow your own stubborn streak to stop you from listening to King Jesus? He is constantly speaking truth to His people.

Help me, Lord, to overcome that stubborn attitude and seek Your will in everything that I say and do. Help me to hear Your voice and obey it even when it seems completely opposite my own plans for life.