It amazes me when I watch something that seems invincible suddenly crumble to the ground. Babylon seemed to be an immovable force in the ancient world, but God brought up a stronger enemy who defeated them and wiped them from the face of the earth. We still have some of their magnificent artifacts, but the nation itself literally disappeared. How can that happen? In this instance, Isaiah gives us a clear answer...God was against the Babylonians; therefore, they could not survive the onslaught of the Medo-Persian empire. He used them to accomplish His goal of disciplining His people. They did their job too well as they literally destroyed everything in Jerusalem and took a majority of the inhabitants into captivity. Their goal was to annihilate the Jews from the earth, but God had much greater plans for His people. He loved Israel through their apostasy and used their captivity to remove their greatest wickedness -- idolatry. After the captivity, we never see His people return to that sin. Yahweh, however, is now finished with the Babylonians and is ready to return His people to the Promised Land. He knows that the kings of Babylon will never allow that to happen, so He turns against them and brings up a people who will return His people to their home. We read of God moving nations to accomplish His will for Israel, yet we still worry about those problems that are more first-world than life-threatening. God has proven His power and authority throughout the Old Testament; therefore, we can trust Him to keep His promises. Isaiah had only one hope and that was Yahweh. His people would not listen, and God was raising up foreign powers to discipline them, but he believed what God promised and looked forward to their return to the Promised Land once the discipline was complete. Is our faithwalk really that strong?

Help me, Lord, to keep the faith even when life seems completely unhinged and out of control Help me to see Your powerful and authoritative hand at work in my life and my family as we strive to stay faithful to You and not live in anxiety and fear.