Isaiah literally mentions the name of the man that will eventually set God's people free to return to Jerusalem after seventy years in captivity. This is almost one hundred years before Cyrus would defeat the Babylonians and rule over the Medo-Persian empire. We know that Isaiah's prophecy actually came true and that Cyrus sent some of the captives home exactly seventy years after they went into exile. Isaiah tells God's people that Yahweh, Himself, will lead Cyrus' steps. He will prepare the way for the king to rule the world so that he can let God's people return to their homeland. Why Cyrus? He had a completely different view of captivity. He would defeat cities or nations and leave them in their own land while levying extra taxes on them to help build his empire. The Medo-Persians would rule the land, but the people could stay in their homes and continue to live in much the same way as they had before. When Cyrus defeated the Babylonians, he had the incredible task of trying to return these captives to their native lands. Can you see God's sovereignty throughout this historical event? History books tell the story, but we can see God's hand upon it and marvel at what He has done. Does your life seem to be falling apart or possibly going in multiple directions that seem out of your control? A book like Isaiah reminds us that our God has it all in the palm of His hand. He is not surprised by our sudden circumstances or unexpected phone calls; instead, He is there with open arms ready to help us through each and every struggle we face. This is our God! Judah rebelled against Him, but He still had a wonderful plan for their future. The same is true for you and for me. You can trust Him! He will not fail in fulfilling His plan for your life; so praise Him today and rejoice in the beautiful work He is going to do.

Help me, Lord, to trust Your plan for my life even when it looks like it might fall apart. Help me to lay every surprise and unexpected event in Your hands and rest in Your ability to handle my unknowns with grace and truth.