Do we really rest in God's promises? Israel could not get past their own sinful ways to do so. They knew His promises and heard the prophets talk constantly about their demise, but they could not defeat the sin of idolatry which eventually sent them into captivity. Yahweh's words in this chapter are a reminder that He will be with them even when they suffer the loss of their homeland. He tells them that they do not have to be afraid, but eventually, they must come to the end of themselves and submit to His authority. God, once again, reminds them that idols cannot do what He can do. He asks, "Is there any God besides me?" and then answers His own question, "no, there is no Rock; I know not one." These idols that they worship are made with human hands out of created things and have no power or authority over the universe. Yahweh, on the other hand, is the Creator and Sustainer of this universe and can do anything needed to accomplish His will. He is so powerful that He can sweep "away your offenses like a cloud, your sins like the morning mist." That is powerful imagery, because we are see our sins as insurmountable, but He ses them as a "cloud" or "the morning mist." God promises to never give up on His people even when He sends them into captivity, and He paints the picture of a new day in Jerusalem where He will say, "Let it be rebuilt,' and of the temple, 'Let its foundation be laid." He is anxiously waiting for your return. He will wash your sins away and put you to work in His kingdom once again. Are you ready?

Help me, Lord, to confess my sin and to seek Your plan for my life. Help me to stop allowing my sin to destroy the wonderful work that You want to do in and through my life by walking faithfully with You.