Yahweh appoints Judah as His witnesses, because they know His power, His provision, and His protection. They have seen God at work; therefore, they are the perfect people to be His witnesses. They can be His witnesses to the foreign nations surrounding them, and they can be witnesses against themselves because of their idolatry and sexual perversion. They have known what it means to literally be God's people -- the only ones on the face of the earth, and they still chose to reject Him. Yahweh even pleads His case before His people reminding them of His past works and His faithfulness to keep every promise. He also reminds them that no one can reverse the decisions He makes. He is truly the Almighty who has no equal in heaven or on earth. How then can these people who have thoroughly enjoyed God's mercy choose to be unfaithful? How can they "cheat" on Yahweh with foreign gods who have no personality, no power, and cannot keep one promise? God has called us to be His witnesses, as well. He calls us to tell people what we know to be true about Him whether from His Word or from our personal experiences with Him. At times, we, too, will witness against ourselves when we choose to follow our flesh and not walk in His Spirit. We have no excuse; therefore, we prove once again that His grace is sufficient and His mercy brings a hope we cannot find anywhere else in this world. God is calling us to turn away from our sin and take His light into this dark world. He is calling us to be His faithful witnesses!

Help me, Lord, to be Your faithful witness to those who do not know You or have wandered far from You. Help me to take Your grace and mercy to this dark world, because You bring hope to the hopeless and help to the helpless!