After Hezekiah is healed from his life-threatening illness, the nations and empires outside of Judah take interest in the land and the king who have found Yahweh's favor.  The Babylonians who have defeated the Assyrians and created an even more expansive empire send an envoy to visit the king.  Hezekiah does not withhold anything from their eyes.  He shows them the storehouses and the wealth of the palace and the temple.  He gives them a preview of the army of Judah, and he makes them feel right at home.  Hezekiah was proud of God's work in Judah and especially of His incredible provision for them and protection of them.  He wanted this envoy to return to their king talking about the incredible blessings Yahweh has bestowed upon His people.  Once the envoy has left Judah, Isaiah shows up and asks Hezekiah why they were there.  The king is honest and tells him about their tour and the fact that he showed them everything God provided.  Isaiah does not denigrate the king for his decision, but he does promise that those men will eventually return and dominate Judah while destroying Jerusalem.  That will have less to do with Hezekiah and more to do with the rebellion of God's people.  Hezekiah is saddened that his people will one day be taken captive and the city destroyed, but he rejoices that it will not happen in his reign over Judah.  This king walked faithfully with God and enjoyed His protection over his kingdom and his throne.  How does our faithful walk with God impact our lives and those that we love?  When we are faithfully walking with Him, we can almost feel God's hand of protection and provision upon us, but when we choose to rebel, we know that He simply removes that hand and allows us to face the consequences of our sin.  Hezekiah's is a great reminder that decisions determine destiny!

Help me, Lord, to walk faithfully with You and enjoy Your hand of protection and provision in my life.  Help me to enjoy the incredible blessings You have already given me and to make wise decisions that will help me stay right in the center of Your will.