The end times are difficult to navigate due to the many references found in Scripture.  Isaiah talked extensively about what would happen in the days when Messiah first came to earth and about His second coming and the events that will follow.  From this text, it is obvious that this will be a beautiful time of healing and renewal for the people of God.  The "branch of the Lord" shall sit on the throne, and the people who are "left" in Jerusalem (Zion) shall rejoice constantly for all that God has done for them.  God will literally place a canopy over His people and give them rest from their sojourn.  They can settle in and enjoy peace and wonder with Messiah on the throne.  Do you wonder if that day will ever come?  God has promised that it will; therefore, we must wait patiently trusting that the Almighty has a plan that is far bigger than we can understand.  While this life is not as good as that one will be, it is still the life God has given us at the moment, and we should rejoice even in that.  Those end times will create some painful and harsh experiences; therefore, we must enjoy the moments God has given us right now.  Are we guilty of taking for granted the incredible blessings that God has already poured out on us?  Are we guilty of missing what we do have because we are complaining about what we do not have?  Paul's words come to mind here -- "may it never be."  When we lose that perspective and focus only on self, people get hurt and doors shut in our face.  We must stay humble and grateful and enjoy this life God has given us to live.  

Help me, Lord, to look forward to Your incredible plan for the end times.  Help me to stay humble, thankful, and always read to shout Your praises even when everyone is complaining in these modern times.