Thursday, December 12, 2019
Isaiah 38

The great king, Hezekiah, is diagnosed with an incurable infection. Isaiah, the prophet, even tells him to prepare for his death, but the king was not willing to give up that easily. He went directly to the Lord and begged for more time on earth. He asked God for a miraculous healing and for more years tacked on to the end of his earthly existence. Amazingly, God grants his request and Hezekiah enjoys complete healing from the infection. Why does it seem that God listens to some requests for healing and not to others? First of all, God always listens. Jeremiah 33:3 reminds us that God hears and answers every prayer request. It does not say that He answered as we asked it, but he does provide an answer. Sometimes, it is a clear "yes," as with Hezekiah, but sometimes it is a clear "no," as with Paul's thorn in the flesh. At other times, God simply asks us to wait for His perfect timing. God always answers! Some will say that God answers "yes" to the good people in the world and "no" to everyone else. The Bible tells us that we are all sinners and that our hearts are inherently evil. God simply has a plan that is beyond our comprehension, and we must submit to that plan and trust His will is being done. I never wanted to watch my 54 year old father pass away right in front of my eyes, and quite honestly, I prayed for his healing, and God granted it in heaven, not on earth. You, too, have lost loved ones too early or are possible fighting a battle with disease right now. I cannot promise healing on this side of eternity, though God is more than able to bring it to pass, but if you know Jesus, I can promise complete healing on the other side of eternity. It is guaranteed!

Help me, Lord, to trust Your plan even when it hurts and does not make sense. Help me to pray diligently believing that You always answer prayer, even when I cannot see it.