The greatest leaders always hit their knees when a battle is looming.  They do not wait to see if they are bigger or better than the enemy; they simply depend fully upon the Lord for help in getting the victory.  Hezekiah prays about the Assyrians threat of attack on Jerusalem.  He used the king's words to spur God into action.  Sennacherib believed he was greater than all the gods in the lands of his "enemies."  To this point, he has proven that to be true, but Hezekiah knew He served the one true God, not those made from wood and rock, but the One who created the wood and the rock.  He asks God to deliver his people from their enemy!  God sends Isaiah with a message for the king and the people.  His promise is that Sennacherib will never launch one arrow against Jerusalem.  God proved the prophet's words to be true as he sends His angel "to put to death eighty-five thousand soldiers in the Assyrian camp."  Sennacherib got the message and returned to his homeland where he was killed by his two sons just as Isaiah's prophesy promised.  In the United States, our battles look quite different from Hezekiah's, but our response to those trials should be the same.  We must start on our knees asking God to step into the situation and bring victory from the jaws of defeat and beauty from ashes.  He is more than able, but we must ask.  Great leaders understand this principle and apply it to every battle they face.  Hezekiah clearly trusted God completely and proves it by taking his great need to the Lord.

Help me, Lord, to follow Hezekiah's example when battles come my way.  Help me to pray first and then trust that You will bring victory from defeat and great beauty from my ashes.