Isaiah gives us some insight into one of the godly kings in Judah.  Hezekiah is on the throne of Judah, and Assyria is the world power that is decimating the smaller empires in the Middle East.  The Assyrians send an envoy to try to convince Jerusalem and Judah to surrender without a fight.  They promise to take care of the people while moving them to a new land and replacing them with transplants from other nations.  The envoy speaks in Hebrew so all the people will hear.  They work from a position of fear and dominance hoping to scare the people into giving up.  The envoy mixes truth with false statements  hoping to confuse the people and get them to make a hasty decision.  Interestingly enough, Hezekiah has already prepared the people for this tactic and is unwilling to make any decision until he asks God for wisdom and direction.  When you are confronted with a sudden problem, how do you react?  Do you make hasty decisions based upon fear or another emotion and/or cultural norms?   As a follower of Christ, we have a Source of wisdom and guidance that is far better than anything we can come up with on our own.  Hezekiah would not allow a decision to be made until he sought God's answers for this problem.  We must learn to do the same, because our flesh will lead us in the wrong direction and cause us incredible pain and heartache.  We must stop listening to the half-truths of our enemy and start looking at the absolute truth of God's Word for the answers that we seek.  

Help me, Lord, to stop listening to the half-truths of the enemy and to start seeking Your will in Your Word.  Help me to make every decision based upon Your guidance and not upon my own emotions or the norms of our culture.