What is the conclusion of the matter?  In today's culture, we rarely stop to think about that question.  Our decisions are based on the here and now, and our emotions play a massive role in all that we do.  We are the "drive-thru" culture that wants to order anything and have it in hand, hot and ready to eat, in less than five minutes.  Is that really the best way to make a wise decision?  Should we rush a decision simply because it makes us happy now or feels right at this moment?  Isaiah helps us see the conclusion of the matter in our walk with God.  Eventually, God wins and the earth and mankind return back to a more "Eden-like" state.  Sin will never produce that kind of conclusion.  We can try to make it make sense, but history proves that sin never wins.  It never gives us the good life it promises, and it never lives up to its own standards.  Admittedly, sin is natural to us; therefore, it is much easier to live in sin.  We like easy; therefore, we take the route that everyone else is taking and then wonder why the results end up exactly the same.  If we truly want to enjoy life to the fullest now and in eternity, then we must take a completely different path.  That path leads us to much more difficult decisions and calls us to stand against the current of culture, but it also leads us to a life that is worth living.  Jesus makes that great a difference in our lives!  Isaiah's description of a future time makes me hungry for that conclusion in my life and in the lives of those I love most.  What about you? 

Help me, Lord, to take the narrow path that leads to the conclusion Isaiah describes in this chapter.  Help me to stop making decisions based upon emotions and the "drive-thru" mentality and to start seeking answers from Your Word and through Your Spirit.