Do you believe that you can continue in sin as a follower of Christ and experience no repercussions?  Hebrews tells us that God’s love for His people demands discipline when they turn away from Him.  The writer compares God to parents who see their child rebel and disobey and immediately punish him/her for it.  If that issue goes unpunished, it will continue until we get to Isaiah 34 where God completely wipes out a people and erases them from the rest of history.  In their place, the animals will take refuge and live, because people will no longer inhabit that land.  Would God let one of His followers go that far?  He will discipline those He loves, but they must respond for it to be effective.  If a person continues in that sin, the discipline has to increase to try to get the offending action, attitude, or word out of the picture.  Our immunity to that discipline allows sin to take deep root in our lives and creates a much more difficult path.  We, like the Jews and even their enemies, just assumed that they would continue doing what they have always done.  They never saw the need to change; therefore, they experienced the great wrath of God upon their lives.  In Christ, we enjoy incredible grace but not at the expense of a sinful lifestyle.  Jesus died for us even while we were yet sinners, but He is not okay with sin dwelling in our hearts and minds.  He wants the freedom to clean out all the “junk” when He moves in and begins to renovate. That is one of the great joys of salvation: He changes us from the inside out.  Are you ready for that kind of change?  It only happens in Jesus!  

Help me, Lord, to overcome the sin in my life through Your amazing grace.  Help me to always be open to Your discipline knowing that it only happens because of Your great love for me.