I find it fascinating that God’s people have a completely different perspective from those who are living in the flesh and doing whatever their hearts desire.  Isaiah sees the “destroyer” and the “betrayer” and challenges them to continue their work, but he will seek the Lord with all his heart and depend fully upon Him for guidance and protection.  He sees the horrible future his people are about to face while the Jews go about their daily activities assuming all will continue as it has been.  They do not see the depth of their sin or the deadliness of it; therefore, they are living in darkness and do not know or understand the truth.  They have forgotten how good life is when Jesus is at the heart of their decisions and their homes, because they have become so accustom to the impact of sin upon their lives.  God is going to do something that will radically change their thinking and their living conditions, and He is going to use a foreign nation to do it.  These Jews believed with all their heart that God would never allow the temple or the city of Zion to be destroyed.  They faced attacks in the past and watched God work miraculously to save them.  They have forgotten about the kings and spiritual leaders who spent days on their knees begging God to protect them.  They assumed since it happened like that in the past, it would continue into the future.  God does not work in that manner.  He has conditions for most of His promises, because He expects His people to walk faithfully with Him.  He wants our best; therefore, He expects our surrender and our commitment.  When that does not happen, He removes His hand of protection and blessing and allows us to struggle in our flesh.  Have you followed the same path as Israel?  Do you assume that He will always work in the way He did in the past even though you are rebelling against Him?  Isaiah would tell you to rethink your stance, because that is not the God He serves.

Help me, Lord, to seek You with my whole heart and mind knowing You are my great Provider and Protector.  Help me to never get complacent in Your past work but to always strive to see more of Your power in my present and future life and ministry.