When times get really tough, where do you turn? Do you turn to an addiction or a spouse or a position of authority at work? In your mind, what will bring the most comfort and help when your world is falling apart? The Jews turned to the mighty Egypt to defend them from their enemies. They believed their southern neighbors could defeat the Assyrians or the Babylonians and keep them from captivity. They were wrong! Israel and Judah were eventually taken into captivity and their great relics were ground into dust. They put their faith in something other than "the Holy One of Israel," and they suffered greatly for it. When we place our faith fully in another person or entity, we crush them under the pressure that they were not made to hold up. A spouse cannot fill that role in your life, because he/she is just not strong enough to do so. Your job cannot sustain that kind of pressure, nor can a position of authority that you hold tightly to. Only Yahweh can carry that burden without crumbling. Only He can walk with us while defending us from the "flaming arrows" of the evil one. Only He can defeat enemies that overmatch us in strength and passion. Only He can restore a marriage or a relationship with a child. Only He can do it, but we must trust Him more than anything else to do so. God's people's greatest issue was not His ability to defend them or defeat their enemies; it was their faith that He could actually do it. God uses His prophet, Isaiah, to call them to trust fully in Him and not any other person or entity. Do you hear His call? Will you obey?

Help me, Lord, to depend fully upon You by faith when my world is perfect or falling apart. Help me to stop trusting in people or entities that will eventually succumb to the pressure of our problems.