We have a choice according to the prophet Isaiah.  We can choose to walk with God and enjoy His incredible protection and provision in our lives, or we can choose to walk outside of God's plan and watch Him lift His hand of blessing from our lives.  In that scenario, we are in charge, but we also must provide for ourselves and protect ourselves.  The city of Jerusalem and the nation of Judah quickly found that to be incredibly difficult.  These people who were just a few years earlier eating from plates made of gold, could now barely find food to put in their hands much less on a plate.  By their own decisions, they chose this life instead of the one that their forefathers enjoyed.  Why?  They loved their idols more than they loved the living God.  They wanted to enjoy their sexuality and their freedom from the chains of the law, but where did it lead them?  It lead them into futility, failure and famine.  They had nothing and could not even find a person willing to lead them to something better.  The whole nation was falling apart and yet they still would not listen to Isaiah and the other prophets.  They were too prideful and felt as if they had gone too far, so they just kept on walking in the muck and mire of sin.  If you are on that journey, then this is your wake-up call; your opportunity to change the future by repenting of your sin and returning to the only One who can truly provide for and protect you.  It is time to admit that we are just not strong enough or powerful enough to do that on our own.  In Christ, however, we find what was missing and we enjoy a life that is far better than anything we could ever dream up.  Will you follow Judah, or will you follow Jesus?

Help me, Lord, to follow Jesus in everything that I say and do.  Help me to be thankful for Your provision and Your protection and to stay faithful to Your plan for my life.