As His people went past a point of returning and repenting, God knew something had to change. The Jews believed that God would never allow His temple or His holy city to be destroyed; therefore, in their minds, they had nothing to worry about. He would always be there and always protect them no matter how far they delved into sin. They kept on doing what they wanted to do while God was preparing to pour out His wrath upon them through their enemies. Israel fell to Assyria and, later, Judah fell to Babylon. These were both God's instruments to punish His people for their idolatry and perversion and to hopefully draw them back to Him. Their captivity and the destruction of the temple and the holy city should have been more than enough to get their attention, but other prophets continued to proclaim their need to repent while in captivity. They saw the destruction their sin created but were not willing to give it up. Is that true in your life? Surely, you have seen the destruction your sin creates. Are you really willing to wallow in your sin knowing the results will be difficult and painful? For some, the idea of living without habitual sin does not seem possible, but God is more than able to cleanse and heal. The scars might remain, but the results can be completely different when Jesus is at the center of our lives. Isaiah preached that message constantly, and the people chose to stay in their sin and continue on that path to destruction. What will you choose to do? Will you wallow in your sin or walk closely with your Savior? The answer will have some serious ramifications for your future.

Help me, Lord, to learn from those who have gone before me and choose to follow You. Help me to share Your blessings with others so they will see the difference between wallowing in sin and walking with You.