Isaiah's faith is clearly on display for he believes that if he stays focused upon the Lord even in the most stressful situations, He will keep him in "perfect peace." We cannot even grasp much of the stress that the prophet faced, because we live in a culture that is not under siege from foreign invaders and is not struggling with a food and water shortage. Many of our problems are truly "first world problems." Even still, they can create all kinds of physical, emotional, and even spiritual damage in our lives if we have no source of peace. In those times when it feels as if my world is falling apart, I cling to this verse. I repeat it often during those moments hoping to enjoy that "perfect peace." At times, my faith is too weak, and I return my focus back to that which is not healthy and creates anxiety. Only when I put my focus completely upon the Lord, can I enjoy that "perfect peace" that makes no sense and yet is my source of comfort in the midst of the storms of life. Isaiah watched his hometown destroyed even as other nations close by fell to the Babylonian juggernaut. He saw the food and water supply dwindle away, and he knew that most of the people would either be killed or taken into captivity. These were serious problems yet he knew that "perfect peace" was available if his focus was upon the Lord and not upon his circumstances. Is your faith that strong? Will you turn your thoughts to Him even when life is not treating you well? The promise is so powerful..."You will keep him in perfect peace, whose mind is stayed on you." Amen and amen!

Help me, Lord, to keep my thoughts focused upon You even when life is not going as planned. Help me to have enough faith to let go of my worry and seek You with my whole heart.