HAPPY THANKSGIVING!!  Why do we invest so much into an earth that will be destroyed by fire at some point in its future?  Isaiah's prophecy will come to pass and the heavens and the earth will be cleansed by fire.  A new heaven and a new earth will follow that will last throughout eternity.  When our focus is humanistic in nature, then we spend our days consumed with this earth, but when we have a Biblical worldview, our thoughts on the earth change drastically.  Should we take care of the earth while we are on it?  Absolutely!  God commanded us in Genesis to take care of this earth and have dominion over it.  We have this great responsibility, but it is tempered by our understanding of the end times.  Our faith also removes our fear of what is to come.  We know that in Christ our future is set and our home in the new Jerusalem is secure.  I could never do enough to earn such a privilege, but Jesus' death, burial, and resurrection radically changed my future hope.  When my faith is in Him alone, I can be thankful for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  Faith makes my past a learning experience, my present a time filled with peace and God's power, and my future a time where I find hope and a positive outlook.  Jesus provides that insight and that security so today He must be at the top of our thankful list.

Help me, Lord, to be thankful for the radical transformation You have brought to my life.  Help me to trust You with my past, present, and future and to live today in complete peace because You are in control!