How many people currently find their identity in the amount of money that they bring in each year?  We buy certain cars and houses based upon our wage bracket.  The more we make the more expensive or expansive we think they must be.  Isaiah's prophecy against Tyre reminds us that everything we have is from the Lord, and He is not impressed with our ability to make more than someone else.  He provides the health we need to work and the work for us to do.  He provides the income we currently receive and even the accolades we gain from what we do.  He does it all.  He is also able to "give and take away" since it is all His.  He does not have to bless each of His children with wealth, but we can trust Him to provide for our needs, no matter how great they may be.  Tyre trusted in her riches believing they would keep her from extinction, but Isaiah makes it clear that they have no future hope.  They will enjoy a short resurgence, but even that will end in defeat.  Their wealth will not be enough!  How long will it take for God's people to come to that realization?  We assume that we can make it through this life with the money we have, but we never stop to consider that life is about more than physical needs.  We have emotional and spiritual needs, as well; therefore, we need more than money.  We need the God of this universe, our Creator, to hold and keep us and to guide us into every next step in this life.  Tyre loved money and it cost them everything!  What will the love of money cost you?

Help me, Lord, to work everyday for You and not for a paycheck.  Help me to see money as You see it and seek Your kingdom and Your righteousness above all else.