The prophet's oracle against Jerusalem is like a punch in the face.  It is one of the greatest issues of the church in 2020.  The Israelites knew what to do and even how to do it, but they forgot the end result.  They now believe that if they do the right things then God will act like they want Him to act.  He became their genie in a bottle and not their great "I Am."  The whole prophecy is filled with "we did this" and "we did that," but it never says God did anything, because they did not need Him.  In their minds, they could take care of everything and God was just there to help with the really big stuff.  That is pride in its rawest form.  Our way is better than God's way; therefore, we do whatever we want whenever we want without any consultation with the Lord.  A humble spirit sees life from the opposite perspective.  As I love Jesus and walk with Him, He does far more than I could ever think.  He works in me and through me to accomplish His will, and I get to enjoy the incredible benefits.  In that scenario, God gets all the glory, and I get to see Him work all things together for my good.  Israel simply could not see God from that perspective.  They had to defend themselves against their enemies.  Their best warriors had to protect the city, and the walls would supposedly stop any foe.  When, however, the warriors have been defeated and the walls have holes big enough for an elephant to walk through, where is our defense?  Our only hope in this life is Jesus.  He is our protector and our provider, and He will walk with us through every adversity.  This is our God, and, boy, do we need Him!

Help me, Lord, to stop trusting in my own ability and start trusting in Your power and authority.  Help me to depend upon You in the good times and in the difficult ones knowing You will not leave me or forsake me.