God continues to use Isaiah to reveal the doom that is going to fall on those nations who have attacked or mistreated His people. Each nation has a specific prophecy that clearly limits their time of existence. For some, it is a year and for others it is several years, but the promise is true for all of them. Why should we believe the prophecies that we see about end times in the Scripture? We should believe it because every other prophecy God has given through His prophets have happened just as He promised they would. History proves that to be true as do the Gospels and the life of Messiah on the earth. A prophet is known to be genuine when his prophecies actually come to being. When a person calls him/herself a prophet but never sees his/her words come to fruition, we must not listen or follow. Our culture is filled with false prophets just as Isaiah's culture was. He had many who were false prophets in his day and had to deal with the comparisons. Many "prophets" preach the gospel of health and wealth. It sounds so good, but it is not contextually Scriptural. Yes, I can pull some verses from the Bible and make it sound really good, but in context, it is not in the Word of God. We would call those who preach such false prophets, because their word does not match up to God's. He is our standard for truth, and His Word is truth; therefore, we must take everything a "prophet" says and compare it to what God says in His Word. If the Jews had listened to Isaiah, things might have turned out differently. They chose to listen to the false prophets because they tickled the ears of all who listened. Who are you listening to?

Help me, Lord, to listen to Your voice found in Your Word. Help me to only listen to those prophecies that match up to what Your Word says about life and about the future.