Can you imagine God asking you to walk around your community completely naked for three years declaring a prophecy of future doom? I suspect most of us would be asking lots of questions, but not Isaiah. He knew the Lord's voice and obeyed no matter how strange the circumstances. Thankfully, God does not ask us to do those kinds of things at this time, but He does ask us to do other less inappropriate things on a daily basis. How could Isaiah obey such an embarrassing request, and we cannot get up a little early or stay up a little late to read our Bibles or to pray? He wore nothing for three years and continued the ministry God called him to, yet we find every excuse imaginable to skip church or Bible study. I realize Isaiah was living in an incredibly difficult time, and his prophecies sometimes seemed "hair-brained" by the everyday man, but God was speaking through him to His people. Cush and Egypt would suffer greatly after their defeat at the hands of Sargon, king of Assyria. They would be taken captive and made to walk naked and barefooted on the trek from their natural home to their new home. All of this would happen yet the people would not listen. Isaiah, God's prophet, walked around for three years without any clothing and they would not listen. They were hard-headed and hard-hearted. Have we gone in that same direction? Are we so consumed with our own plans that we are not willing to listen for God's voice? Have we determined that Bible reading and prayer are a waste of time and hinder our ability to do whatever we want? God's true prophets have not been asked to do what Isaiah did, but they are putting His warnings out there, and we need to listen. We should test every word by the Word, but once we see it proven, we must listen. People's eternity depends upon it.

Help me, Lord, to listen to Your voice and walk in obedience even when I do not really want to. Help me to spend time in Your Word and in prayer on a daily basis because I love You and want to obey Your commandments.