The prophet concludes this chapter with a clear reminder that we should not put our trust in man because he cannot put breath into his own body or create a plan for all of eternity.  Man is finite and limited in knowledge; whereas, God is infinite and filled with knowledge.  He has no equal on earth and should be the one we choose to follow each day.  The first verses in this chapter reveal a little about Jesus’ millennial reign.  Peace will abound and wisdom will flow freely from the throne of God in Jerusalem.  I would love to be on the earth during that era of good feelings and God’s blessings.  Sadly, most will never access such a life, becuase they are unwilling to bow their knee to King Jesus.  We do what we want to do and do not want anyone telling us how to live, think, and speak.  Surrender is a big part of the problem, because surrender is equated with weakness and loss.  Surrender, however, is the key ingredient in our walk with God.  If we are humble, He will exalt us; if we choose to exalt ourselves then God will despise us just as He despises all those who rebel against His rule.  When you read through the list of punishments these people received, you almost wonder why they did not turn back?  Pride tells me not listen or even look at the results, because I do not need God’s Word or His advice in my life.  Truth, however, takes care of itself.  If something is true, it will prove itself clearly.  This is exactly what God tells us will happen in the end times.  We might not understand the complexities of God’s work, but we can clearly see it in action if we are willing to look for it.  It is time to stop comparing myself to others and giving them preeminence in my life.  We serve the most amazing and incredible Heavenly Father, and He alone is worthy of our worship and service.  

Help me, Lord, to stop following men and start following You through a daily time in Your Word.  Help me to worship and serve You alone, because You are worthy, and I can always trust You to know my needs and to meet them as You see fit.