How can God take a nation that withstood every attack and lasted through all the ancient dynasties and drop them to their knees?  How can God take a lowly nation like Judah that is only half of what the unified Israel was and use it to bring fear to the hearts of the Egyptians and all others who hear it?  While we do not know the exact answers from this chapter, we know it will happen.  God will turn against the Egyptians and cause them to destroy much of that empire from the inside out.  Judah serves the one true God and is able to overcome any obstacle in its way when they are walking faithfully with Him.  The common denominator in both nations is Yahweh.  One nation, Egypt, worships false gods including their own Pharaoh.  The other, Israel, worships the great "I Am."  He literally is the difference between victory and defeat.  I believe that to be true in my life personally.  When God is front and center, I have a confidence from Him that allows me to do more than I ever thought I could.  When, however, I choose to rebel against Him then victory is unattainable.  It amazes me that I know those truths yet still choose to rebel.  Israel and Judah knew those same truths but felt that they could have more fun and still find victory with the idols their neighbors worshipped.  They were incorrect on both counts.  In our own pride, we want to judge them for their foolish thinking, but how many times have we done the same?  Thankfully, grace is a massive part of our walk with God, because we need it every minute of every day.  I pray that today will be a day where Jesus is front and center in your life and victory is as normal as breathing.

Help me, Lord, to keep You front and center in my life today and everyday.  Help me to praise You for the grace that You provide every minute of my life.