Once again, Isaiah brings a message of destruction this time on the city of Damascus. It is not a pretty picture and Isaiah is given firsthand knowledge to share with the Jews. He also reminds them that they, too, will "fade" away because of their unfaithfulness. Isaiah is quick to remind us that not all of Israel will fade away, because God will always keep a remnant of His people to secure the lineage of Messiah. In the end, all of this maneuvering is about Jesus. Nations will rise and fall and leaders will do the same, but a remnant of God's people will always remain. This is a clear promise throughout God's Word which should be a comfort in the culture that we currently find ourselves in. God will not abandon His people though He will allow suffering and persecution in our lives. We must always remember that hard times do not mean that Yahweh has deserted us; instead, it means that He is teaching us to be even more dependent upon Him. In a culture filled with the "health and wealth" gospel, we must stand upon the truth that "all who live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution." We cannot escape it, but we can walk by faith through those trials believing God is not only going to use them for our good and His glory, but that He is also going to walk with us through them. Damascus could not say that, but God's people could!

Help me, Lord, to walk in faithfulness even when times are tough and painful. Help me to preach and teach the truth of Your Word and not succumb to the heresy of our culture.