Prophecy reveals so much of God's plan for His people and for the whole earth.  It is amazing to think that our God is Sovereign in every sense of the word.  He literally knows what will happen tomorrow and what will happen three years from now, as He did with Moab.  Those looking at Moab on the day of the prophecy would have no clue that it would not last.  Their human eyes could not see the rot and decay that was already setting into this nation.  God would literally bring them to their knees and strip away everything they saw as important.  In doing so, He once again reminds His people of His incredible power and of His passion for their righteousness.  As New Testament believers, God has called us to "turn the other cheek."  He tells us that "vengeance is mine;" therefore, we do not have to worry with those who attack us or even persecute us, because God has promised to deal with them in His perfect way.  We struggle with this principle even as we mature, because it seems "wimpy."  We want to defend ourselves and be a hero for those who know us.  The truth we must accept is that Jesus is the real hero in this world and in our lives.  We do not have to prove anything, because He has already proven everything on the cross.  As we face persecution and even heartache because of our faith, we must trust that God has a plan that is far greater than any plan we could ever come up with.  This is the life of faith God has called us to.  We can choose to obey, or we can choose to rebel like Israel.  If we are being honest, that did not turn out so well.

Help me, Lord, to trust Your perfect plan even when life is difficult and painful.  Help me to "turn the other cheek" by faith knowing You have promised to avenge those who persecute me.