The course of human history is filled with the glory days and the downfalls of empires.  Moab is another one of those nations that had a purpose in God's plan but eventually faced His wrath for how they treated His people and how they worshiped their gods.  Again, we are reminded that God's focus throughout the Old Testament is His people, the Jews.  He allowed empires to rise and fall to either protect or punish His people depending upon their walk with Him.  The most painful part of that truth is that Israel never grasped how blessed they were.  They wanted to be like the heathen nations that surrounded them and chose to rebel against God and His ways.  They missed so much yet God protected the lineage of His Son and prepared them for the coming of Messiah.  The destruction of Moab is not a long, drawn out process.  City after city fell before the Lord and those who were trained to protect it almost melted away in fear and dread.  Their great wealth is taken from them and given to others.  All they could do was lament their destruction and mourn their loss.  As Christ-followers, we will never experience the wrath Moab experienced.  We could, however, easily miss out on God's best for our lives by striving to live like the world around us and not the Word that He has given us.  We literally forfeit our own blessings due to pride and selfishness.  God has given us such a clear example of what happens when His people rebel against Him.  Why would we think that our experience would be any different?  God does not change with the culture like we do.  He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.  Will you receive the truth and live by it or rebel against it?

Help me, Lord, to receive the truth from Your Word and live by it each and every day.  Help me to enjoy Your incredible blessings in my life and not miss out on them due to my pride and selfishness.