This prophecy is specifically focused upon the Babylonian Empire which many thought could never be defeated.  God is pronouncing judgment upon the great kingdom and promises to bring it to its knees.  He is going to use the Medes to accomplish this task.  Babylon had a purpose in God's plan; they were designated to destroy Jerusalem and take God's people captive.  They were God's answer to Israel's idolatry.  Now that their purpose has been fulfilled, they are going to be punished for their treatment of God's people.  He is going to wipe them off the face of the earth using a people group that is immune to their defenses and their wealth.  Do we see the world from that perspective today?  In the United States, we are ethno-centric which means we do not focus much attention on other nations unless they have some kind of impact upon us.  We might pay more attention to certain countries after an event like 9/11, but we rarely think of them as part of God's plan for His people.  God, however, does nothing without a reason.  He is Sovereign in His works and will make the perfect decision concerning every people group on the earth.  He might choose to use one nation to punish another nation for its disobedience and then choose to turn against the group that did His will but never recognized Him and followed Him.  He also has a purpose for each person.  Daniel is a great example of a leader that survived the Medes' destruction of the Babylonians and thrived under the new king.  While we cannot control what this nation does when it comes to God, we can control what we do with God and how He influences our lives for our good and His glory.  In the end, nations will not go to heaven; individuals will.  

Help me, Lord, to pray for the nations that You would raise up workers for the harvest.  Help me to focus on You and not upon the "cultural rot" that is taking root throughout this nation.