Why are these people suddenly singing songs of praise? They are celebrating what Jesus has done since claiming His kingdom from Satan and his minions. Their praise is stronger because their trials have been more difficult and painful. They completely understand the difference that Jesus makes and choose to follow Him and not their flesh. They have learned greatly from past mistakes and now have the joy of living in Jesus' kingdom where sin has been eradicated and where peace now reigns. Every enemy has been defeated by King Jesus, and these people respond with praise for Messiah who is the root of Jesse. I think it is beautiful to see a person who is saved from the most egregious of sins and worships with absolute abandon. He/she has no one else to thank and to celebrate except the One who died and came back to life. He paid the price and then destroyed death, our greatest foe. Have we gotten so comfortable in our faith that we have forgotten what Jesus actually saved us from? Does our worship reflect that we take for granted our forgiveness and cleansing? These people have a thousand years to worship and celebrate Jesus, their King. They have been through the trials and the pain, and they worship with a zeal that is lacking in our postmodern churches. We need to wake up and start worshiping God in a manner that He deserves. If you need to raise your hands to worship Him, then raise your hands to Jesus. If you need to do a little dance to praise Him, then dance for Jesus. If you simply need to shed tears of joy and heartache before Him, then cry for Jesus. Personal worship and corporate worship are not boring and they are both most definitely needed. Will you take full advantage of corporate worship this Sunday, or will you follow the same routine as before?

Help me, Lord, to be zealous in my celebration of Your work in my life as I remember the tough times that You have brought me through. Help me to think back to when I received the free gift of eternal life and to worship You accordingly throughout the week and on Sunday with my brothers and sisters in Christ.