Can you imagine a life where sin does not run rampant in the culture and where peace extends beyond nations to the animal kingdom?  This is the kingdom that the "stump of Jess" will bring about.  Isaiah paints a picture of utopia that comes directly from the throne that King Jesus sits upon.  His judgments will be pure meaning they are not based upon what was seen or heard but upon what He already knows to be true.  He will rid the world of the wicked and bring complete peace to His people and His land.  The earth will also "be full of the knowledge of the Lord..."   That alone will make a massive difference in the way people act and think.  Our culture is filled with people who are passionate about a Jesus they know nothing about.  They are ready to fight for the next, best social justice issue, but they do not attend church or even spend quality time in the Scriptures.  In that day when Jesus is sitting on His earthly throne that kind of shallow faith will disappear and be replaced with the clear, undiluted truth about Jesus and His plan for our lives.  Only God's grace allows us to continue in this surface faith that sees no real victories or even separates itself from the culture.  This is what makes that day so amazing -- the culture will change right before our eyes as people begin to see the truth and walk in it.  How does everything change so radically?  The only answer is Jesus.  Amazingly, He brings about that kind of radical transformation in our lives now if we are just open to His truth which is the Word of God.

Help me, Lord, to get excited about that day when you come to sit on Your earthly throne.  Help me to love You and live for You even when no one else will knowing You have transferred me from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of light.