Every battle we fight in life is spiritual at its core. We see events or moments in time physically so we automatically assume they are physical in nature, but Isaiah reminds us that is not the case. When people choose to reject Jesus and go down their own path, it is a spiritual battle for their souls. When nations attack nations, God is in the center of it and has a purpose in it. The Israelites are being warned of the upcoming Assyrian invasion, but they would not listen. They did not see or hear what God was doing; therefore, they had no clue what was coming until it happened. They did not see or hear anything spiritual because they were too consumed with the physical and fleshly. Once God is done using Assyria, He promised to bring punishment upon them for their haughty spirits, but first, He is going to use them to punish His people for their national sin of idolatry. How many battles could we avoid if our spiritual eyes were open and our spiritual ears ready to hear? I suspect the number would shock us, because we are so comfortable in the physical world that we completely miss the spiritual work that God is doing around us. If God loved the Israelites and the people of Judah enough to punish them using foreign nations, how far would He go to get our attention? His love is so strong that nothing is going to stop Him from trying. We might not listen, but He is going to try to get our attention, because everything about our lives is spiritual in nature. Neither Israel nor Judah would listen to God's prophet, because they loved their idols and their perversion more than they loved the Almighty. That, by the way, is the perfect definition of an idol. As you think about your own life today, do you see everything as spiritual in nature? Do you look at the battles you fight, not as physical or emotional, but spiritual at their core? When we see all of life from a spiritual perspective, it truly changes everything!

Help me, Lord, to see every battle I face as spiritual in nature. Help me to listen to Your prophets and Your pastors and follow their lead as they follow You.