The unknown writer of Hebrews understands the intricacies of the Hebrew religious world. The tabernacle and the temple were separated into multiple parts that included the Holy Place where only priests could go, and the Holy of Holies which is the dwelling place of God on earth. This place was so sacred that the High Priest could only enter once a year, and he had to bring the blood of the sacrifices offered throughout the year and sprinkle it all over the room. The writer tells us that Jesus entered the Holy of Holies and opened the door for us to have a personal relationship with God through His perfect Sacrifice. I hear of people leaving the blood out of their preaching and teaching because it is too gory or might turn people off to the Gospel. Hebrews tells us that "without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness." How can we leave something out that is required for forgiveness to occur? We all have a date with death unless Jesus returns beforehand. We die and then we will be judged by Jesus either according to our works or according to our sin. In Christ, all sin has been washed away, and there is no more condemnation. Without Christ, there is no hope because that sin is still present and condemning. He did everything needed to open the door for you to be the newest dwelling place of God on this earth, and all He asks is that you accept the free gift that only comes through His perfect blood..

Help me, Lord, to live everyday with the clear understanding of Your presence in my life. Help me to preach and teach Your blood to all who need to hear the transforming, life-changing Gospel.