Oh, how we love to dwell on the elementary principles of the Christian faith without actually going below the surface to understand the deeper things of God. Without deep roots, we struggle to stay firmly planted in our walk and waver at times away from the "straight and narrow path" God has called us to. He reminds them that once the Holy Spirit has enlightened their hearts with the truth, there is no further sacrifice that can be made for their sin. The writer even says that those who have fallen away struggle with renewal through repentance, because they continually crucify to themselves the Son of God and put Him to open shame. My greatest regrets have been those moments when I brought shame upon the name of Jesus. I am so thankful for His constant forgiveness and His renewing of my hope in Him. Hope is defined as "an earnest expectation" and is a key ingredient in our faith. We truly believe that God will keep each one of His promises to us, so we hope in a future resurrection, a glorified body, and an eternal home in heaven. We believe the promise that God will show Himself through our hardships and tragedies, and the promise that He will never leave us. This is the hope the writer of Hebrews had for his audience. Do you have that kind of hope, or have you stayed in the shallow waters of the faith always returning to the "elementary" principles instead of growing and maturing? Those with shallow roots will fall the quickest.

Help me, Lord, to learn those elementary teachings of the faith and to go deeper in my walk with You. Help me to trust Your promises as You reveal them to me not walking in fear but in faith.