How do we get through the tough times in life? This writer reminds us that we get through it with Jesus by our side. How can God walk with us through a cancer diagnosis, a wayward child, or nasty divorce? He can do so because He too was a man and understands our hurts and our struggles. He is not so high that He cannot meet our needs; instead Jesus, our High Priest, is always present and ready to help in times of trouble. There should always be a sense of readiness to handle any problem, because He "will never you or forsake you." Amazingly, Jesus became a man yet He still retains all the power of God over any infirmary or fear. He calmed the seas on more than one occasion and even proved His power over the elements by walking on water. He healed those who were in need and He preached a message of repentance and kingdom-building. This same Jesus is walking with you through this current struggle. His power is available so ask Him to intervene and accomplish what you cannot. The one lesson God has taught me recently about prayer is that it is not about my will, but His will being done. When we pray with that kind of heart, we see God step into a situation and change it for eternity.

Help me, Lord, to welcome Your presence in my life and to cling to You when times get too difficult to handle. Help me to ask You for the miraculous according to Your will because I cannot fix my problems; only You can!