Many people have asked over the years what the "unpardonable sin" is? I hear the fear and concern in their question and love to provide a little peace by helping them see the truth through Scripture. Today's text talks specifically about the sin of unbelief, the unpardonable sin. Jesus is our Apostle and our High Priest. Just as Moses was a faithful servant of God, Jesus is His faithful Son and deserving of our faith and trust. The writer quotes from the Old Testament book of Psalm reminding his readers that now is the time to come to Christ with hearts softened by the truth of the Gospel and by the power of the Holy Spirit. Do you truly hear what God is saying through this epistle? He is telling us that faith is the only answer for eternity. Anything else is works based and creates a dependence upon my actions and not upon God's work at Calvary. Faith, however, must be a permanent part of our lives, not just a momentary glance at Jesus. It is based upon a lifetime of reading, studying, praying, fellowship with other believers and ministry to those outside the church. Faith does not allow our hearts to fully harden to the things of God, nor does it allow me to sin without conviction. Is that an identical image of the faith that now dwells in you? Unbelief which rejects the work that Jesus has done has only one end game: complete separation from God for eternity. Are you preparing for that eternal rest or are you preparing for the wrath of God?

Help me, Lord, to trust fully in Jesus as Savior and Lord knowing this will require a lifetime of faith. Help me to prepare for that eternal rest through a growing personal relationship with You.