This unknown writer continues his focus on angels and the significance of their current position compared to their eternal position. At the moment, we are "a little lower than the angels." In the days to come, however, when our salvation is finalized in death or the rapture, we are placed in a new position above the angels which were ministers to us on the earth. We are reminded that Jesus was also made a "little lower than the angels" for a short period of time so that He could serve as the complete Sacrifice for our sin. Those same angels that minister to us as humans, ministered to Him as the God/man in human form. The question the writer asks is convicting..."how will we escape if we neglect so great a salvation?" God does not expect us to do anything; instead He has completed the work through Jesus and asks that we simply receive the gift that He has provided. You will not find another "religion" anywhere in the world where God became man so that He could sacrifice His own life to fully pay for our sin and shame. We deserved to die on that cross yet He took our place and provided a way for us to be right with our Heavenly Father. This same God now understands our greatest hurts and feelings of rejection; He can relate to our loneliness and our pride, only because He has become like us yet without sin. Celebrate this incredible salvation that has been given to us and the awesome God who provided it!

Help me, Lord, to keep my focus on You and not upon any created heavenly being. Help me to take every worry, hurt, or need to You knowing You understands my struggles because You became a man and died for me