The writer brings all the truths from the first nine chapters together reminding us that Jesus' work is finished, and that our salvation is complete in Him. The verse that most captured my attention said this, "now where there is forgiveness of these things, there is no longer any offering for sin." How much time and effort do we spend trying to appease God because of how bad you were at some point in your life? How often do we bring more drama into our lives, because we want more mountains to climb to prove our value to God? The writer of Hebrews says it so clearly: "there is no longer any offering for sin." Jesus did it all; He paid it all so we have nothing to do. Our salvation and sanctification is not about how great we are or about how much we have given; it is by grace through faith without works of any kind! When God saved you, He washed all your sin away. If you remember the old chalk boards in school, you might remember how the erasers would almost completely remove all the words from the board. If, however, you looked close enough, you could probably make out what was written. When, however, a teacher washed that board and let it dry, it looked as if nothing had ever been written on it. That, my friends, is exactly what Jesus has done with our sin. He took it all upon Himself so that we could be washed clean of sin, guilt, and shame. When we finally get this, we begin to understand how we can draw near with a pure heart (22), hold fast the confession of our hope (23), and stimulate our friends and family to love and good deeds (24). Stop trying to do what has already been done for you and start celebrating this sweet and complete salvation that God has given you.

Help me, Lord, to live without the weight of my sin, my guilt, and my shame pulling me into depression or the stunting of my spiritual growth. Help me to celebrate this incredible salvation that You have given me.