The unknown writer of Hebrews is concerned about people's understanding of angelology . Some were worshiping these celestial beings without realizing they, too, are a part of creation. Angels were created by God for the purpose of ministering to those who have the opportunity to be saved. In other words, they were created for our benefit and not for our worship. Earlier, the writer reminded us of Jesus' work to provide our salvation and then tailors it to the truth that His angels are sent to help accomplish His will in us. This writer emphatically states that after His resurrection, Jesus ascended into heaven and immediately sat down at the right hand of His Heavenly Father. While it is a beautiful reminder of the relationship between the Father and the Son, it is also a clear indicator that the work Jesus did on the cross is completely finished. When the priests served in the Old Testament tabernacle and temple, they never sat down because the work was never finished. Jesus sitting down immediately after entering heaven would help the Messianic Jew to understand that Jesus, our new high priest's, work is complete; it is truly finished. So God has finished His perfect work through His Son, and He has created angels with the clear purpose of protecting us and delivering His messages to us. How can we, as His church, complain about our lives today or about our future when we understand what God has done and how He has done it for us?

Help me, Lord, to freely accept the ministry of angels in my life as Your child. Help me to celebrate Your finished work upon the cross of Calvary knowing You did it for me.