MERRY CHRISTMAS!  I am always amazed that one decision made in haste can create havoc for generations.  Noah decides to enjoy the fruit of his labor and get drunk.  He does so without clothing which is seen by Ham and prompts Shem and Japheth to cover him.  Noah gets angry with Ham and curses him and his future generations.  His descendants will be called the Canaanites, and they will serve the descendants of Shem and Japheth.  Each decision opened the door for this curse to fall on Ham.  In the midst of our decisions, however, God is at work.  He had a plan to use Shem to provide Him with a people to call His own.  Does that excuse Noah’s drunkenness or Ham’s decision to “look upon him”?  It does not!  We cannot make bad decisions hoping God will “work it all out;” instead, we must choose to do what is best in a situation and leave the rest to God.  You cannot control other people’s decisions, but you can control your own.  Noah could not control Ham’s decisions, but he could control his own decision to get drunk.  Ham could not control his father’s decision to get drunk, but he could have chosen to respect his father even in his drunken state.  One bad decision can change the course of history so we, as God’s people, must take the time to consider God’s will in the decisions we make.  Every Christmas is a time of reflection for me.  I reflect upon the good decisions and the bad ones and look at the difference in my life and in the life of my family because of those decisions.  As you celebrate Jesus’ birth, will you take a few minutes to reflect upon the impact of your decisions in 2017 and ask God to reveal His perfect will for 2018?

Help me, Lord to make wise decisions to finish out this year and throughout 2018.  Help me to reflect upon Your plan and and how my decisions impacted it in 2017.