MERRY CHRISTMAS EVE! This chapter helps spur our Christmas cheer as we watch grace in action. Once the rain stopped, the earth began to dry out. It took a few extra weeks, but eventually, they struck ground and departed from the Ark. They offered sacrifices to the Lord to show their thankfulness and their dependence upon Him alone. God ends the chapter with a promise to never again destroy the earth with water. The future is bright for this family, but sin still lurks at the door of their hearts. That is why grace is such an important part of our vocabulary as Christians. Grace sets me free to live today even though I messed up yesterday. Grace helps me overcome the flood of emotions that might pop up this time of year. Grace keeps me coming back to Jesus, because He alone is my Protector and Provider. For some, grace is only experienced at salvation, but for those who walk closely with the Lord, grace has become a dear friend. God took care of the one family that truly followed Him. His grace stepped in and met their every need. Will He still do that today? Oh yes! While I can never promise great wealth or fame, I can promise that God is faithful to meet every need that we have in His perfect time. When I lose that faith, I begin to miss out on His acts of grace. As you spend the day preparing yourself for an amazing Christmas celebration tomorrow, take a moment to reacquaint yourself with grace. It makes the holidays even more wonderful by setting us free from past mistakes and pushing us back into the service of our King.

Help me, Lord, to get reacquainted with grace! Help me to celebrate Christmas from a completely different viewpoint this year as I let grace rule my thoughts and actions.