Noah was another man of faith who went through a traumatic experience as he watched God destroy all of His creation while protecting a remnant. Faith pushed him to build the Ark, and faith comforted him in the midst of the horrible loss. Even the animals where an evidence of faith, because Noah did exactly what God told him to do. When God opened the floodgates, Noah's faith was ready for action and immediately gathered his family and the animals onto the Ark. He did not push his own agenda or try to gain fame or fortune through other's troubles; instead, he walked in complete obedience to God through faith. I suspect those were days of growth for his sons, as well. They watched their father walk by faith and learned how to be a man of God. Some of them learned and followed Noah's example, while others ignored and disregarded it. As people of faith, it is vital that we set examples for others to follow and learn from the examples God has placed in our lives. This is how God intended His church to grow. We cannot sit in a pew and expect God's kingdom to grow on its own; instead we must step up and live a life of faith so others can see what faith looks like and can see the difference that Jesus makes. Have you followed or disregarded the examples that God has placed in front of you? Are you setting an example of faith for others, or is life all about you and your plans? It is time for God's people to stand up and let the world see Jesus in us! If we do not, all hope for the near future is lost.

Help me, Lord, to walk by faith without setting any agendas or trying to gain fame and fortune for myself. Help me to set an example of faith each day and to follow the examples You have given me in life.