After Adam and Eve's sin, the people of the earth grew more and more wicked. God sees their wickedness and knows it cannot continue. As He searches the earth for a remnant, God finds Noah, a man who is faithful and ready to listen to the Almighty's instructions. He gives Noah specific blueprints for the "ark" and encourages him to begin building and collecting species to go in it. Up to this moment, Noah had never seen rain since all the water the people consumed came from springs and rivers on the earth. Even looking into the great unknown, Noah never considered disobedience. His faith was that strong! Can you and I say the same thing? Faith requires us to give up control of our lives so that He can complete His perfect work in us. Most citizens of the United States like to be in control so this whole concept of faith is foreign to our thinking. The same was true in Noah's day. He and his family lived by faith while the rest of the world lived in the flesh. How does that happen? How can the masses of people become so wicked so quickly? It only takes one generation! This is why it is so important for parents to raise their kids in the "nurture and admonition of the Lord." Parents must set a strong example that is completely counter-cultural and Biblical. If this does not happen, then we lose our children to the flesh and all of its evils. We are setting our kids up for massive failure when we neglect to teach them and live out the truths of God for them. This is our great calling as parents: keep this generation focused on loving God more than anything else.

Help me, Lord, to live faithfully for You in the midst of this wicked world. Help me to raise my children in Your truth and in Your wisdom so they can follow You throughout their lives.