"Old habits die hard." Do you believe that to be true? I suspect Joseph would have thought that. After his father's death, a mourning period occurred in Egypt and in Canaan. Afterwards, the sons who sold Joseph into slavery where concerned that he would turn on them since their father was no longer around to protect them. They, once again, try to use deception to protect themselves and their families. Joseph sees right through their junk and confirms that they are safe and secure in Egypt. How frustrating is it that we, as humans, do the same exact thing? We enjoy incredible victory over our deepest sins and then suddenly return to them like a dog to its vomit. We look great from the outside, but on the inside, we are a mess of chaos and sin. Joseph dealt well with his brother's foolishness. How do we react when someone we love falls back into a sinful behavior? Do we condone it? Do we fight for our loved one? We must never forget that we are fighting a powerful enemy who is trying to take out God's soldiers one at a time. He will use any temptation and any difficulty to convince us to turn away from God and back to our sin. Do you see why we need each other so desperately? We cannot fight this enemy by ourselves and, at times, we need someone to fight for us. To be ready to fight for our friends and family, we must stay in the Word and in prayer knowing God is our ultimate Help in times of need.

Help me, Lord, to stand against those sins that seem to come up at the most unexpected moments. Help me to love those around me enough to fight for their best with every ounce of strength that I have.