Few people enjoy other people's genealogies. As you read of Noah's heritage, you have to notice the one person other than Noah who gets "extra billing." Enoch was a man who "walked with God." His life was so different from others of his day or of his entire family, because He had a deep, endearing relationship with Yahweh. Enoch did not live as long as his former and future ancestors, because "God took him." Do you think of yourself as one who walks with God? If so, what does that mean? For Enoch, it meant talking to and listening to Almighty God. He did not have the Scriptures, because they were not yet written, but he did know God's voice and readily obeyed what God said. That is what walking with God looks like. It is definitely not performance-based; instead it a grace-filled life used for God's glory and not our own. Even as Moses writes this genealogy, he has to make God the main character in Enoch's life. Would anyone describe you in that manner? Enoch walked so closely with God that it was obvious to everyone that he was different! Does your walk with God bring constant transformation whereby He gains preeminence? This is what made Enoch different. Yes, he was faithful in his walk and in his talk with God, but this was not something Enoch could do. He did his part, but God brought the transformation and the repentance. God did it, because this man walked with Him.

Help me, Lord, to enjoy a transforming walk with You every single day. Help me to surrender to the work You are doing in my life without fear or worry knowing You are changing me for the better.