Jacob knows his days are numbered and he is ready to step into eternity. Before he does, he calls all his boys into his room and shares with them what he sees in their future. For some of the boys, his words are encouraging and exciting; but for others, he tells them exactly what he sees to this point in their lives and how that is going to negatively impact their future. As I read Jacob's words, one word came to mind: honesty. Jacob, who had spent a good portion of his young adult life in dishonesty, is now taking his honesty to a whole new level. How often have you been honest with your kids? We have created "safe spaces" for our children that are supposed to protect them from any negativity. We defend them no matter what other adults might say, and we accept the identity they choose. Where did parenting go in all of that? Kids thrive inside boundaries and with clear, consistent punishments for their mistakes. The goal of a parent is to prepare each child for the real world, not a fantasy world where they can say and do whatever they want. Jacob was brutally honest with his boys, and we must get brutally honest with our kids. When they succeed, then cheer those successes, but when they fail, we must be brutally honest with them so they will not repeat that same action over and over again. Your kids need your honesty in their lives, so give it to them.

Help me, Lord, to be brutally honest with my kids when it comes to my failure and their failures. Help me to teach my kids the identity that they find in you and not in some cultural norm that is fleshly and carnal.