Jacob's last few days on earth are spent pouring out blessings on his grandchildren, especially those born to Joseph. He loves them as deeply as he loves his own children. They are his descendants, and he wants to leave them with the blessing of God upon their lives. When the boys knelt before him, Jacob actually blessed the second born before the first. While his sight was not good, he knew exactly what he was doing at that moment. This was a direct message from God to these boys about their future. How often have we thought of our Christian parents as God's messengers? How many times have you ignored their advice only to fall flat on your face? God has put those parents who follow Him in that category of messenger. They hear from God through His Word and then relay His message to their children. It is difficult to grasp that many parents are not willing to surrender to God and are not those kinds of messengers that we so desperately need in 2018. This decision by parents has led many children to self-absorbed and self-motivated decisions that destroy the fabric of our culture and turn us away from God. It is so important that we remember the seriousness of the moment not only for ourselves but for our future generations. Bless your kids with a mom and a dad who walk closely with God and hold them to His standard for life and ministry.

Help me, Lord, to bless my children with a life lived for You. Help me to be Your messenger and share Your message for my kid's future.