God's plan was in place before the start of creation. In the end, His plan becomes obvious, but during the working out of that plan, it can get frustrating and even painful. Jacob faced the loss of his son, Joseph, and then God returned him to his father while also providing completely for the seed of Abraham. Pharaoh insisted on giving Jacob and his family the choicest of land in Egypt and asked them to take care of his personal livestock, as well. He literally gave them the keys to his kingdom. How in the world could an Egyptian pharaoh be that kind and generous towards a rag-tag family from Canaan? The only answer is God! His plan was in effect when Joseph's brothers sold him into slavery. It included Potiphar's purchase and then the false accusations from his master's wife. It included his stint in jail where he interpreted dreams. it also included Pharaoh's dream which led to Joseph's rise to power. Only God could have orchestrated such complexity with a single goal in mind: to prepare the way for the coming Messiah. God also encouraged Joseph along the way and prepared him to forgive his brothers. This was not a surprise to God. It was His plan fulfilled in these different character's lives. Life-changing lessons were learned along the way, and His purpose was revealed to Jacob, Joseph, and Pharaoh.

Help me, Lord, to trust in Your plan for my life. Help me to walk daily with You knowing You will prepare me for coming events and strengthen me in those areas where I might currently be weak.