When Jacob hears that his son, Joseph, is alive, he packs his belongings and journeys to Egypt. On the way, God encouraged him by revealing His plan to make a great nation out of Jacob's lineage. The total number travelling to Egypt with Jacob was seventy which included Joseph and his family. That is important, because when we get to the exodus, the number of Hebrews increased to a million plus people. Jacob's readiness to move reveals a faith that we have not often seen in his life. He is a man who is ready to go where God tells him to go without reservation or aggravation. I suspect that God is looking for more men like that. Men who are ready to step out into the unknown and see what God can do through them. Jacob's obedience also opened the door for him to enjoy countless blessings from Joseph and Pharaoh. He was given a prime piece of land in Egypt and allowed to continue his family's work as shepherds. He also enjoyed the privilege of meeting and loving his grandchildren from Joseph's marriage. It hurts to think that we are raising generations of kids who will never hear the call or enjoy the blessings that come from following it. We have become so lackadaisical in following Christ that our kids never have a real chance for deep spiritual growth in their lives. Jacob was not perfect, but he did follow Yahweh. That one truth opened the door for his family's provision, protection, and spiritual growth during his lifetime.

Help me, Lord, to have the courage to step out of my comfort zones with the goal of making an impact upon people's lives. Help me to set an example that my kids can follow that will lead to their spiritual growth.