Joseph finally reveals himself to his brothers. They are shocked and scared of what this powerful man will do to them. They quickly realize that he has forgiven them and even credits God with putting him in Egypt for the specific moment in time. Joseph could have fought against God's plan or allowed anger to rule his decisions, but he did not; instead, Joseph acted by faith in all that he did, and God blessed him immensely. How many wonderful gifts have we missed out on because we were not willing to surrender to God's plan for our lives? Joseph sets this incredible example of complete submission to Yahweh and then blesses his brothers and his father with incredible gifts and loads of grain. These boys arrived in Egypt with almost nothing and left with their coffers full. Only God could make that happen, and only He can do that in your life today! Have you been fighting His plan for your life? Do you know He is calling you to serve Him in specific capacity, but unwilling to obey? Follow Joseph's example and walk by faith. I suspect he was scared to death as a young boy in a foreign land, but he chose to trust God and not his fear. Will you take that same step today? Are you willing to humble yourself under His mighty hand, so that He can exalt you in due time?" Today is a new day, a fresh start, and another opportunity to walk by faith no matter how scary it might be.

Help me, Lord, to follow Joseph's example and readily follow Your plan for my life. Help me to win the battle over fear as You push me farther and farther out of my comfort zones.